An ad that sells

Selling the idea of buying a book.


Want to see a piece of advertising that sells? 

Go no further than Earl’s Court Underground station.


The cross track at Earl’s Court

 In this electronic age, how do you advertise the good, old-fashioned pleasure of reading a book? With a good, old-fashioned ad – and I mean this in a totally complimentary way. I saw this cross track at Earl’s Court Underground station and liked it immediately. I love the cheeky reference to Kindle in the headline and the clear use of graphics – only three elements: the headline, the picture and the logo with the web address. If only every poster we are forced to look at these days was so simple and easy to understand.

 I wondered who had produced this wonder of wit, simplicity and salesmanship. I discovered that it was none other than one of my old boss and friend, Adrian Holmes, on behalf of his new agency Holmes, Hobbs, Marcantonio. Alan Fleming did the art direction. I spoke to Adrian today and he tells me that the ad is doing good business for The Folio Society and that, as a result, they are increasing their spend on the campaign.

Adrian is a classic writer. This is a classic ad. I love it to bits.








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