Valentines’ Day in Warsaw…

…and some of the other experiences, disadvantages and benefits derived from being one half of an art and copy team. One day, during our long creative partnership, Paul Smith remarked that he spent more time with me than he did with his wife. That’s the thing about being a creative team: it’s the nearest you […]

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The Lost Patrol…

…and other stories of Mad Men who’ve served in the military. Be warned, for purposes of veracity, this blog contains foul language. In the mid-sixties, when I started working in advertising, almost every male member of staff had been in the army, navy or air force. Either they’d been called up for National Service or […]

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Uncle Terry’s Double Life

It’s amazing what sights you see in Belgium, especially if you’re a 12-year old schoolboy. I was born in Holloway (Road, not Prison) but I grew up in Tottenham amongst working class people. As such, my expectations of what my future life might hold weren’t great. I never dreamed for a moment that I’d travel […]

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The Ads in the Attic

It seems that my past work falls into two categories: the ads I remember doing, and those I don’t. Every year, at the end of autumn, I clamber onto the roof of my house and remove the leaves that clog up the rainwater drainage system. Don’t worry. It’s not as dangerous as it sounds. My house […]

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An evening with Tony Kaye

BEING FOR THE BENEFIT OF MR. KAYE.   T-T-Tony’s T-T-Talk wasn’t so much a talk as an amazing display of heartfelt emotion and hardcore talent. Despite my old boss, Terry Lovelock, joking to me that Tony Kaye should pay the audience £20 each to see him, rather than the other way round, Tony Kaye’s D&AD […]

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A week in Wyoming

A WEEK IN WYOMING.   Last year, I was asked by Paul Smith to attend an Ogilvy senior management seminar in Wyoming. Here’s an account of what we did. First of all, you might well wonder what I was doing at a senior management seminar in the first place. At my age I am definitely […]

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The Voyage of Discovery

THE VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY An account of a fact-finding trip that I undertook in the eighties. I will never forget that Thursday evening back in 1982. It was about eight-thirty at night, I was relaxing at home at my flat in Primrose Hill, when the phone rang. It was my boss, David Brown, creative director […]

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Lonely are the Brave. An unsung hero of a film.

LONELY ARE THE BRAVE: AN UNSUNG HERO OF A MOVIE ‘Lonely are the Brave’ is a little known film. But its star, Kirk Douglas, believed it to be the best movie he ever made.   In that strange, empty period between Christmas and New Year, I was working on a script for a charity fundraising […]

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The loneliness of the long distance walker

THE LONELINESS OF THE LONG DISTANCE WALKER  Walking around the edges of London is enjoyable and interesting.  Just don’t expect anyone to go with you. In October I completed my second circumambulation of London. Previously I had walked what is known as The Capital Ring, a designated footpath 78 miles long that encircles inner London. […]

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The Boys in the Van

  THE BOYS IN THE VAN Here’s an account of a road trip I undertook in the sixties. Be warned, Easy Rider it ain’t. Donkey’s years ago, three of my mates, Reno and Ronnie Caldarelli, Pete Raymond and me cobbled together the princely sum of £55 to buy an eight-year old Bedford van. If you’re of […]

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