ME Services


I have been a copywriter for more years than I care to remember. I can write commercials,short promotional films, posters, print ads and digital copy. I also write booklets and pitch documents on behalf of any type of company or individual. In fact, there are very few categories of product that I haven’t at some time worked on. In no particular order, here is a random selection: automotive, laundry products, financial, cameras, hair and beauty, pharmaceutical, food products, alcoholic beverages, soft beverages, confectionery, white goods, charity. There are many more.

Creative Direction

I can act as a creative director on behalf of creative agencies either in a quality control capacity, or as someone to oversee film shoots from concept to completion. I can provide marketing departments with a seasoned second opinion on work they are presented with. I also assist individuals who require guidance with business start-ups in terms of branding and creative strategy. I am experienced at dealing with clients, particularly multinational companies. I can provide references here should you need them.


I can prepare and deliver presentations to assist in training or to enhance team building. Obviously, the brief should play to my area of expertise, namely the creation and production of advertising in all its forms. A good example is a presentation I gave recently: ‘Rediscover the lost art of copywriting’. The title was a corruption of the headline of an old CDP ad done by Neil Godfrey and Tony Brignull for Parker pens, ‘Rediscover the lost art of the insult’. The presentation itself dealt with the decline in standards of written English in advertising, and set out a series of rules by which up and coming copywriters might hone their copywriting skills. Whether copywriters these days need to hone their copywriting skills or indeed be able to write any English at all is, of course, a moot point. But it should give you an idea of the sort of thing I can do.


I can help with this by offering a module to fill, say, a couple of hours or a day, or by organising a whole week’s programme, with the assistance of other advertising professionals. In the past, I have done this for both agency creative departments and client marketing teams. For instance, during the time I worked at Lowe Worldwide, I often attended Unilever training sessions where I acted as a creative director to teams of junior brand managers. These young men and women were tasked with creating advertising to answer a tight brief in a very short space of time. It was wonderful to watch these future marketing kings and queens struggle with a job that good creative people could do standing on their heads. Nestlé did a similar sort of exercise (and in nicer surroundings, overlooking Lake Geneva) but they got me to do the ads instead, and the young marketing people passed judgement on me. I have to say I preferred the Unilever system.


Years spent as a creative director ought to teach you mentoring skills. Three great writers mentored me. Terry Lovelock, who wrote the famous ‘Heineken refreshes the parts that other beers cannot reach’ campaign; John Salmon, who was for many years creative director of CDP; and Tony Brignull, who wrote so many great ads, I don’t have room to list them here.

In my case, I can work with creative directors, creative people and even account handlers and planners. Members of client marketing departments could also benefit from my skills.