Nestlé Cailler ‘Chocolate Box’

Nestlé CaillerWe were stuck as to how best to win the pitch for this up-scale Swiss chocolate. I begged the account director, Robert Colwell, to fly me to Switzerland so that I could visit the factory. This was in August and the place was more or less closed except for a tour that was open to the public. I bought a ticket and discovered everything that enabled me to prepare this chocolate box presentation. I already knew that Cailler had invented milk chocolate; but until I visited Bloc (the site of the factory) I had no idea that the cheese-making village of Gruyere was its next-door neighbour. In fact, the milk used by Cailler comes from cows reared on the same pastures as those used by the Gruyere cheese makers. This, of course, explained its unusually creamy flavour. It was then just down to art director David Christensen to do a terrific job of designing the box and its contents. In this case we were successful in winning the business.